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Research Facilities

The following basic facilities are available in our laboratory:

  • Customized VOC/Gas Sensing setup with Automated Software

  • TGA-Muffle Furnace

  • Electrochemical Workstation

  • Portable UV-Visible Spectrometer - Ocean Optics

  • Probe-Tip Sonicator 

  • Bath Sonicator

  • Vacuum Furnace

  • UV-Ozone Cleaner

  • Thermal Evaporator

  • Fume Hoods with Schlenk line

  • Laminar Hood

  • Glove box

  • Spin Coater

  • Meyer Rod Coater

  • Spray coating setup

  • Hot Plate with stirrer

  • Linkam- heating and cooling stage

  • Vortex Mixer

   Customized Gas sensing setup with
Source-Measure Unit and Gas/VOC supply

  SERB-CRG 2020 Grant 


EMR- 2017 Grant

Working Bench
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