Research Scholars

Gaurav Bahuguna

PhD Student (2016- till)

Gaurav Bahuguna did his B.Sc (H) in chemistry from ARSD College, Delhi University and M.Sc in applied chemistry from Amity University, Noida. 

His research interests cover a wide area of material chemistry from the synthesis of advanced materials to the fabrication of devices for technological advancement. 

Presently, he is working on fluorination of inorganic materials for enhanced performance in energy devices like supercapacitors and photoelectrochemical cells. He is also working on the development of chemical sensors (humidity, VOCs) non-invasive healthcare monitoring.

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Ajay Urgunde

PhD Student (2016-till)

Ajay completed his Masters in Energy and Environmental Engineering from VIT University, Vellore (2016) and his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Pune (2014). His research work is focused on the metal-complex inks for the fabrication of electrodes for biosensors and other devices. In addition, he is working on scalable and highly efficient electrocatalysts  by exploring suitable materials for large scale for Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

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Mohit Verma

PhD Student (2018-till)

Mohit completed his Master’s in Chemistry from IIEST Shibpur (2015-2017) and Bachelor’s from Shivaji College, University of Delhi (2012-2015). He is interested in synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of Chemical Sensors. In his spare time he likes travelling, reading and listening music.

    Anandita Dhamija

    PhD Student (2019-till)

    Anandita completed her Masters degree from University of Delhi (2019) and Bachelor's from Miranda House (2017). She is interested in working on the problems related to water scarcity, pollution and conservation. Her research is focused on the development of Soil Moisture Sensors based on nanomaterials. 

      Parijat Pratim Das

      MSc Thesis Student

      Parijat has completed her Bachelor's from Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology  (2017). She is interested in growing carbon materials on stainless steel for corrosion resistance. She is also interested in working on polymers to carbon conversion for energy storage devices .

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