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Ritu Gupta

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry


We work on developing large-scale methods for synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of  functional devices. We use advanced characterization techniques and electrochemical methods for developing the understanding of the material properties. We work on designing, printing and modifying the electrodes for addressing the challenges involved in using various nanomaterials for functional devices. We are interested in areas related to electrocatalysis for developing energy efficient processes, energy storage devices, photoelectrochemical cells and chemiresistive sensors for flexible electronics.

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Dr. Ritu Gupta felicitated with SERB WOMEN EXCELLENCE AWARD-2021 on National Science Day

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NOTE: We are actively looking for highly motivated postdocs, PhD students, MSc research assistants for our interdisciplinary projects. Applicants with a background in chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply.