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Mohit Verma

Mohit completed his Master’s in Chemistry from IIEST Shibpur (2015-2017) and Bachelor’s from Shivaji College, University of Delhi (2012-2015). He is interested in synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of Chemical Sensors. In his spare time he likes travelling, reading and listening music.

PhD Student (2018-till)

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Anandita Dhamija

PhD Student (2019-till)

Anandita completed her Masters degree from University of Delhi (2019) and Bachelor's from Miranda House (2017). She is interested in working on the problems related to water scarcity, pollution and conservation. Her research is focused on the development of Soil Moisture Sensors based on nanomaterials. 

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Snehraj Gaur

Snehraj has completed her M.Sc from Central University of Rajasthan (2019) and Bachelor's from University College of Science, MLSU (2016). She is interested in developing materials for Energy applications. 

PhD Student (2020-till)

M.Sc. Students

Avit (2021-22)
Project: Exploring Surface Properties of 2D Materials


Kusum (2021-22)
Project: Study of Electrocatalytic Reactions

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Ajay Urgunde  (2016-2021)
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Provsional Postdoc at IITJ.


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Project Staff

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​Shubhendra Shukla (2021-Present)
(Project Research Assistant)
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Deepak (2021-22)
Project: Capacitive Desalination of Water using 2D Layered Materials